SINOCES China International Consumer Electronics Show

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2011 SINOCES, an annual premier consumer technology event in China, attracts more than 80,000 industry players from around the globe. Strongly supported and promoted by China's central government, this widely recognized event is an ideal place for industry leaders, policy makers, analysts and press to meet, network, investigate new technology, establish business partnerships and share insight on emerging trends.

In addition to its solid attendee base, more than 500 exhibitors and 300 press members from around the globe are expected to attend SINOCES, July 7-10, 2011.

Three show halls covering 45,000 square meters showcase a wide variety of products in markets including audio/video, digital entertainment, digital content, portable office equipment and mobile communication devices.

In conjunction with industry partners, SINOCES also features TechZones that highlight the policy and technology trends in areas such as:
          Integration of Three Networks Zone
          Green Zone
          Display Panel Zone
          eReader Zone
          3D TV Zone
          3G Telecommunication Zone
          Home Appliances to the Countryside Zone
          E-commerce Zone
          Industrial Design Zone
          Government Procurement Zone


A series of conferences and technical sessions held during the show dates engage attendees on a wide array of topics, including next-generation displays, green technology, new Internet applications, 3G telecommunications and more. Speak at these sessions to promote your technology and demonstrate your technology leadership. Maximize your presence at these events and reach industry leaders, policy makers and buyers.

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