• Alps TACT SWITCH Agent

    ALPS tact switch agent AAASWITCH GROUP in china.

    12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type) SKHC ALPS series
    SKHCBEA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHCBFA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHCBGA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHCBHA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHCBJA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHCBKA010 12mm?Square(Snap-in?Type)
    6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type) SKHH ALPS series
    SKHHAJA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHAKA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHALA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHAMA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHANA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHAPA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHAQA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHARA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHBSA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHBVA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHBWA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHBYA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHCQA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHCRA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHCWA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHDAA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)
    SKHHDGA010 6mm?Square?(Snap-in?Type)

    4.5mm Square Compact Type (Snap-in) SKHR ALPS series
    SKHRAAA010 Snap-in
    SKHRABA010 Snap-in
    SKHRAHA010 Snap-in

    6.0ˇÁ3.5mm Compact Type (Snap-in) SKHL ALPS series
    Vertical type
    SKHLAAA010 Snap-in
    SKHLACA010 Snap-in
    SKHLAJA010 Snap-in
    SKHLABA010 Snap-in
    SKHLADA010 Snap-in
    SKHLAKA010 Snap-in
    Horizontal type
    SKHLLAA010 Snap-in
    SKHLLBA010 Snap-in
    SKHLLFA010 Snap-in
    SKHLLCA010 Snap-in
    SKHLLDA010 Snap-in

    6.0mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKHH ALPS series
    Vertical type
    SKHHAJA010 Snap-in
    SKHHALA010 Snap-in
    SKHHAQA010 Snap-in
    SKHHAKA010 Snap-in
    SKHHAMA010 Snap-in
    SKHHARA010 Snap-in
    SKHHCQA010 Snap-in
    SKHHCRA010 Snap-in
    SKHHBVA010 Snap-in
    SKHHBWA010 Snap-in
    SKHHBYA010 Snap-in
    SKHHANA010 Snap-in
    SKHHAPA010 Snap-in
    SKHHBSA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDTA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDUA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDHA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDJA010 Snap-in
    Joint stem type
    SKHHCWA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDAA010 Snap-in
    SKHHDGA010 Snap-in
    With ground terminal type
    SKHHPJA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPLA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPQA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPKA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPMA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPRA010 Snap-in
    SKHHQVA010 Snap-in
    SKHHQWA010 Snap-in
    SKHHQYA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPNA010 Snap-in
    SKHHPPA010 Snap-in
    SKHHQNA010 Snap-in
    Horizontal type
    SKHHLMA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLNA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLPA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLQA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLRA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLSA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLUA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLVA010 Snap-in
    SKHHLWA010 Snap-in
    SKHHNHA010 Snap-in
    SKHHNJA010 Snap-in
    SKHHNKA010 Snap-in

    6.0mm Square Dust-proof Type (Snap-in) SKHW ALPS series
    SKHWALA010 Snap-in
    SKHWARA010 Snap-in
    SKHWAPA010 Snap-in
    SKHWAQA010 Snap-in

    6.2ˇÁ7.15mm Sidepush? Type (Snap-in) SKRD ALPS series

    6.6mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKQJ ALPS series
    Vertical type
    SKQJAAA010 Snap-in
    SKQJABA010 Snap-in
    SKQJADA010 Snap-in
    SKQJAEA010 Snap-in
    SKQJAJA010 Snap-in
    SKQJAKA010 Snap-in
    Horizontal type
    SKQJLAA010 Snap-in
    SKQJLBA010 Snap-in

    10mm Square Water-proof Type (Snap-in) SKQB ALPS series
    Vertical type
    SKQBARA010 Snap-in
    SKQBASA010 Snap-in
    SKQBAPA010 Snap-in
    SKQBAJA010 Snap-in
    SKQBAQA010 Snap-in
    SKQBAMA010 Snap-in
    Horizontal type
    SKQBLBA010 Snap-in

    12mm Square Long-life Type (Snap-in) SKQE ALPS series
    SKQEAAA010 Snap-in
    SKQEACA010 Snap-in
    SKQEABA010 Snap-in
    SKQEADA010 Snap-in

    12mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKHC ALPS series
    SKHCBJA010 Snap-in
    SKHCBEA010 Snap-in
    SKHCBGA010 Snap-in
    SKHCBKA010 Snap-in
    SKHCBFA010 Snap-in
    SKHCBHA010 Snap-in

    6.0mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKEG ALPS series
    Vertical type
    SKEGACA010 Snap-in
    SKEGAEA010 Snap-in
    SKEGADA010 Snap-in
    SKEGAFA010 Snap-in
    Horizontal type
    SKEGLAA010 Snap-in
    SKEGLBA010 Snap-in

    7.8mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKEY ALPS series
    SKEYAHA010 Snap-in
    SKEYAJA010 Snap-in
    SKEYACA010 Snap-in

    Long-travel Type with High Operation Force (Snap-in) SKPF ALPS series
    SKPFACA010 Snap-in
    SKPFAAA010 Snap-in

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    ALPS ELECTRIC agent in china.