About Guangzhou Bossun Switch Electronics Manufacturer

Guangzhou Bossun Electronics Factory has many years of experience in manufacturing products to meet specific requirements and provides engineering support, comprehensive quality level control for all our product categories.
We business focuses on the switches, jacks and connectors for various industries such as audio, telecom and computer industries.the product mainly sells to Europe and America, Japan; In under the general customer your kind effort support, the company grows strong unceasingly. the market in custom design products such as Plastic Product Design, Metal Parts Design, and Mould Design were growing at the time, Our Company decided to capture this market by aligning our business to cater to such clientele.
In 1998 passed ISO9001(1994) international quality system authentication; In 2002 passed the ISO9001 (2000) international quality system authentication; In 2003 passed the SO14001 environment management system authentication; In 2003 passed the green partner system authentication.
OEM and ODM are welcome.